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Dean Astrida Tantillo

Message from the Dean

Increases in research funding, more than two dozen faculty searches, and a banner year for philanthropy all contribute to ongoing advances in scholarship and teaching at the College.

GLCC students

Preparing Students for the Global Future

The new Global Learning Campus Certificate will help students develop greater understanding of other cultures, preparing them for engagement in twenty-first century global society.

bee and flower

Studying Bee Pollinators to Aid Urban Agriculture

Biologists Emily Minor and Kevin Matteson will use mobile gardens and GPS technology to track the habits of city bees and discover how urban gardeners might improve their yields.

Steve Jones

Finding Multidisciplinary Solutions to Internet Crime

Distinguished Professor Steve Jones brings the communication perspective to a multidisciplinary team creating a new initiative for PhD students working in the area of internet security and privacy.

teacher holding up card that says "false"

Teaching Financial Literacy

The Economics Department’s Center for Economic Education provides training for K-12 teachers who understand that economic knowledge and skills are critical to their students’ future success.

aquaponics room with entrepreneurs

Partnering for Twenty-first-Century Food Technology

LAS alumni and aquaponics entrepreneurs Arash Amini and Andrew Fernitz gear up to bring healthy food and economic vitality to one of Chicago’s derelict industrial districts.

holding up test tube with oil separating

Biodiesel a Win-Win for Environment and Economy

Earth and environmental science alumnus Peter Probst is working with the Chicago Park District on a project that repurposes used restaurant oil for the manufacture of biodiesel fuel.

Doris Graber

Founding a Legacy for Women in Academe

Political Science professor and media scholar Doris Graber has enjoyed an illustrious and multi-faceted career. Her unique perspective on the challenges faced by women in academia drives her philanthropy.

Jessica with scull in box

Traveling the Globe in Pursuit of Knowledge

Fulbright Fellowships are funding the diverse post-graduate work of four LAS alumni.

Jeffrey Murer

Amazing Alumni/Class Notes

LAS alumni are doing great things and receiving recognition for their accomplishments.

Cynthia Blair

Voices of the College

Awards and recognitions for faculty work in economics, African American studies, physics and chemistry.

John D'Emilio

LAS Library: Recent Publications by LAS Faculty

From race, religion and gender identity to media studies and philosophy, LAS faculty continue to contribute to the scholarship in their fields.

Patel at podium

Celebrating LAS: Events Past and Present

Illinois Tool Works’ new organic chemistry lab, Freshman Town Hall, Eboo Patel on pluralism, Roger Weissberg on social and emotional learning, and Slavoj Žižek on just about everything.