Exploring the World through the Humanities

Butler addresses a standing room only crowd. See a slideshow of photos from Institute events. Photos by Roberta Dupuis Devlin and Kathryn Marchetti

Changing Roles? Women in Traditional Jewish & Muslim Communities (February 7, 2011)
Women committed to a traditional form of Judaism or of Islam—and to gender equality—discussed the ways their communities have responded to the changing role of women in prayer, study and communal leadership. Organized by Samuel Fleischacker, director of Jewish Studies, UIC. Participants: Tova Hartman, Bar Ilan University; Najeeba Syeed-Miller, Claremont School of Theology; Tahera Ahmad, Northwestern University; Marcia Hermansen, Loyola University Chicago; Erin Leib Smokler, Drisha Institute for Jewish Education, University of Chicago; Ruth Balinsky, Yeshivat Maharat; Hina Azam, University of Texas at Austin; Deborah Klapper, Gann Academy.


Visiting Fellow Seminar & Lecture Series: Linda Gordon (November 1-5, 2010)
U.S. social and political historian Linda Gordon of New York University lectured on "Visual Citizenship: Dorothea Lange and New Deal Racial Consciousness." The author of Dorothea Lange: A Life Beyond Limits also led a seminar that explored the problems historians confront when writing biography.

Neoliberalism and its Discontents (March 5-6, 2010)
Over two days, scholars analyzed and discussed several aspects of the "phenomena of neoliberalism" — increased mobility of capital and labor and increased economic inequality. Participants: Winfried Fluck, Kennedy Institute, Berlin; Kenneth Warren, University of Chicago; Merlin Chowkwanyun, University of Pennsylvania; Helen Jun, UIC; Anwen Tormey, University of Chicago; Stephen Engelmann, UIC; Sunil Agnani, UIC; Madhu Dubey, UIC; Walter Benn Michaels, UIC; Adolph Reed, University of Pennsylvania.

Visiting Fellow Seminar & Lecture Series: Adolph L. Reed, Jr. (March 1-5, 2010)
Scholar of African American politics and intellectual history and University of Pennsylvania professor of political science Adolph L. Reed discussed “Obama, Antiracism, and Rebuilding the American Left” and “Antiracism as a Critique and a Politics” in this multi-day event.

Kant’s 5 Questions: A Symposium (November 12-13, 2009)
Participants explored the essential philosophical questions: What can I know? What should I do? What may I hope for? What is a human being? What is enlightenment? Addressing the questions: Michelle Grier, University of San Diego; Julian Wuerth, Vanderbilt University; Andrew Chignell, Cornell University; Patrick Frierson, Whitman College; and Samuel Fleischacker, UIC. Moderators: Daniel Sutherland, UIC; Allen Wood, Stanford University; Rachel Zuckert, Northwestern University.

Forum for Research on Law, Politics, and the Humanities: Law and Society Symposium (October 21, 2009)
Presented in partnership with Chicago-Kent College of Law. Moderators: Walter Benn Michaels, UIC and Katharine Baker, Chicago-Kent. Speakers: Bette Bottoms, UIC; Stephen Engelmann, UIC; Nancy Marder, Chicago-Kent; Mark Rosen, Chicago-Kent.

The Stanley Fish Lecture: Frames of War (April 17, 2009)
In anticipation of the publication of her book, Frames of War: When is Life Grievable?, cultural theorist Judith Butler discussed the media’s portrayal of state violence. She examined how this integrates with the way the West wages modern war. Butler is the Maxine Elliot Professor of Rhetoric and Comparative Literature, University of California, Berkeley.