Supporting LAS: Why Donors Give

JoAnne Garazek Bloom

JoAnne Gazarek Bloom. Photo courtesy of JoAnne Bloom

Alumna JoAnne Gazarek Bloom (“aka Jan Gazarek”) received her BA in political science in 1971 and went on to law school and a successful executive career with two Fortune 100 companies. Her memories of The Circle—and the students whose determination defined that era—are vivid. Her belief in the mission of the college inspires her support of the Fund for LAS.

“Forty odd years ago when I announced my desire to attend college, my parents said: ‘that's nice dear, how do you plan to pay for it?’ My answer: the best school I could afford, The Circle. Indeed, many of my friends signed up, too,” said Bloom. “My Pier Room regulars ultimately produced college professors, engineers, doctors, lawyers, an Episcopalian minister, U.S. Congressmen, a U.S. Senator, an advisor to the U.S. President, a bunch of state politicians, and TV and movie stars. My favorite time was the confluence of Holy Week and Passover, when the group enjoyed meals of Kosher Coca-Cola with the Italian-inspired Lenten special—an egg/pepper sandwich on Ciabatta. I'm retired now, pursuing my dream of documenting the history of Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood, where I give tours. I also give money to the University of Illinois at Chicago—it gives kids who grew up like me a world class education and a chance at dreams fulfilled.”

LAS alumnus Dan Campion received his MA in English in 1975. The Iowa City-based editor, author and poet established two scholarship endowments—the Raymond and Wilma Campion Scholarship in honor of his parents and the Newton Scholarship in honor of his aunt and uncle. Both scholarships are for undergraduate English majors. He is also an annual contributor to the endowment that supports the Paul Carroll Award for Writers.

 “Raymond and Wilma Campion and John and Jeanne Newton believed in liberal education and in public education,” explained Campion. “I support these because I share their belief and because I am deeply obliged to the Chicago Public Schools and to the UIC Department of English for an education strong in diversity, rigor and imagination. It is the kind of learning—both for its own sake and for practical application—that students need today as much as I did at Key Elementary School and Austin High School—and when I enjoyed the privilege of studying in LAS’s Program for Writers from 1974 to 1975.”

Charles H. Dangelo

Charles Dangelo. Photo courtesy of LAS Development

LAS Board of Visitors member Charles H. Dangelo completed his BS in mathematics in 1971. As President and CEO of Starr Indemnity & Liability he understands the impact of global commerce and trade on education and the need for a strong education to provide the foundation for both personal growth and a career driven by passion. Dangelo’s passion and commitment have resulted in generous support for the Fund for LAS and the Department of Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science.

“I was a first-generation university graduate. Given our financial limitations, public education was very important to me,” said Dangelo. “Getting an education at UIC was crucial to my personal development and I could never have achieved my goals without that opportunity. I feel that all who have been benefactors of a university education have the obligation to ensure that current and future generations have even better opportunities.”

Diane, Lauren and Ashur Joseph

Diane, Lauren and Ashur Joseph. Photo by Renee Gooch

Ashur B. Joseph graduated with a BS in biological sciences in 1976. Now a dentist with a practice in Skokie, Joseph is strongly engaged with LAS through his service as an LAS Alumni Association Board of Directors member and his generosity to the Fund for LAS and the LAS Scholarship Fund. This past spring at an LASAA Speed Networking event, Joseph spoke to undergraduates about careers for biology majors. In May, he and his wife Diane were at the Pavilion to watch daughter Lauren receive her BA in history.

“A liberal arts education provided me with a terrific foundation for my professional career,” Joseph said. “I really value my degree and enjoy giving back—especially in support of funds that I know will help students persevere and graduate.”

Bob LeBailly

Bob LeBailly. Photo courtesy of Bob LeBailly

Robert LeBailly completed his BA in sociology in 1973 and went on for an MA at Northwestern where he teaches survey methodology in the Medill School of Journalism. He was so pleased with his experience in LAS that he has been a steady donor to the Sociology Department Fund throughout his career.

“I appreciated the opportunity to participate in faculty research projects while an undergraduate,” said LeBailly. “This greatly influenced my career and I hope that my donations will create similar opportunities for current students.”

Anand and Jyoti Sandesara.

Anand and Jyoti Sandesara.Photo by Renee Gooch

Dr. Kaylan B. Sandesara and Mrs. Jyoti Sandesara are proud of their high achieving son, LAS alumnus Anand, who completed a double major—a BS in biology and BA in history—in just three years. Anand, who was also active internationally as a volunteer, loved the LAS experience because it gave him the opportunity to learn about other cultures and meet people different from himself. He is now pursuing his medical degree at UIC. The Sandesaras direct their giving to the LAS Scholarship Fund.

“We support LAS because we are so grateful for the excellent education LAS gave our son,” said the Sandesaras.

John B. Sullivan

John B. Sullivan. Photo courtesy of LAS Development

LAS Board of Visitors member and 1969 mathematics alumni John B. Sullivan gives generously to LAS. A Strategic Risk Management professional with Aon, Inc., he lends his expertise to the Board of Visitors. As a long-time donor, Sullivan provides support for the Fund for LAS. “As an LAS graduate I appreciate the benefits of a well-rounded college education,” Sullivan said. “I have a strong affiliation with, and commitment to, UIC. It is a great school offering a world-class education to an economically, ethnically and geographically diverse student population. I am also a Chicagoan who has spent his entire working career in this city. I fully understand the need for well-rounded employment candidates who have lived in and are committed to Chicago. I view UIC and LAS as providers of choice for potential employees with those requisites.”

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