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Dean Astrida Tantillo

Message from the Dean

Interaction between faculty and students and a commitment to excellence are key ingredients for engaged scholarship that will expand knowledge and serve the public good.

Harnack with portrait of Grace Holt

Building a Discipline and Building a University

Professor Emeritus Victor Harnack discusses how the study of communication has changed over a generation—and why he is still investing in the discipline.

Mock trial

Developing Skills for Life with Mock Trial

Mock Trial isn’t just for future attorneys—philosophers to physicians have sharpened their wits with this campus-wide program. Online extra: A slide show of Mock Trial in action.

Electron microscope

Tickling Atoms and Testing Theories

Robert Klie and colleagues from several disciplines expand research horizons with UIC’s new Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope. Online extras: Event slide show, David Hofman’s remarks.

Slave document

Bringing Scholarly Perspectives to the Public

A national conference and exhibit on the Atlantic Slave Trade will bring academics and the general public together at UIC this fall. Online extras: the Rediscovery of the Sierra Leone Collection; UIC's Atlantic Slave Trade Collections.

Jessica Galea

Speaking for the Dead

Galea, a Fulbright scholar and anthropology alumna, explains how studying 300-year-old British workers’ skulls can help her “pay it forward.” Online extra: A slide show of photos from Great Britain.

Julianne Faust

Combating Eating Disorders in Adolescents

Faust, a Fulbright scholar and psychology alumna, wants to help adolescents with eating disorders; she describes her work with family-based methods. Online extra: Diagnostic criteria for eating disorders.

Elizabeth Abrams

Voices of the College

LAS research scientists are contributing to the fight against maternal mortality, memory loss, cancer and more. They are also being recognized for their outstanding work.

Jeffrey Murer

Understanding the Roots of Collective Identity and Group Violence

Jeffrey Murer, an international terrorism expert and political science alumni, says that understanding the construction of political identity is essential to curbing the trend toward political violence.

Misty Richmond

Celebrating LAS

The English department’s Alumni Reading and the 16th Annual LAS Recognition Dinner—plus an online-exclusive slide show.