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Astrida Orle Tantillo

Message from the Dean

On July 20 the Board of Trustees approved the appointment of Astrida Orle Tantillo as permanent Dean of LAS. The Dean shares some of the College’s recent accomplishments.

Higgs boson image

Understanding the Search for the Higgs Boson: A Primer for Civilians

The world of high-energy particle physics recently celebrated the discovery of a new boson that might or might not be the long-sought Higgs. Our HEP physicists explain what all the excitement is about.

Unraveling the Mystery of Language Acquisition

Why do some individuals have a facility for learning languages while others struggle? LAS’s Kara Morgan-Short is employing neuroscience techniques to answer the question.

Sustaining a Loss and Leaving a Legacy

Rising academic star Peter D’Agostino was murdered in 2005. His college and department have established a scholarship to honor his memory.

Cluster Initiative Hires to Increase Diversity and Interdisciplinary Culture

Six LAS proposals get approval and support from the Office of the Chancellor, paving the way for the hiring of 30 new faculty members who will work across disciplines on leading-edge scholarship.

Humanities Institute Fellows Named

The Institute marks its 30th anniversary year and furthers humanities research by LAS scholars in African American studies, English, history, Latin American and Latino studies, philosophy and political science.

Sharing Research at Graduate Conferences

Graduate students from sociology, anthropology and Hispanic and Italian studies welcomed their colleagues to campus this spring to share their latest research and engage in professional networking.

Supporting Student Research and Academic Rigor

LAS undergraduate students take full advantage of research opportunities at UIC, and represent the College beautifully when they present their findings.

Uncovering Her History—Discovering Her Passion

LAS alumna Nitoshia Ford faced numerous challenges to achieving her goals, but her persistence and intellectual passion gave her the strength to succeed.

Expanding Educational Horizons with Study Abroad

Four LAS students received Gilman Scholarships this year, enabling them to spread their wings and develop new levels of cultural literacy.

Voices of the College

Cricket fossils, government corruption and the construction of identity are just some of the areas of inquiry into which LAS scholars delve. Plus news about faculty awards and honors.

LAS Library

From biblical studies to experimental literature, LAS faculty members are publishing in their fields.

Celebrating LAS

Commencement slide show, alumni receptions, a distinguished professor and upcoming fall events.