Photos for AtLAS Newsletter
Astrida Orle Tantillo

Interview with the Dean

New initiatives to increase student success, more faculty hires, and  funding for scholarships, undergraduate research and internship programs are in the works.

Squirrel on sunflower

Games Nature Plays

Joel Brown, professor of biological sciences and founder of Project Squirrel, applies his work in Evolutionary Game Theory to innovative studies in cancer research.

Young woman speaking

Engaging Teens in Global Issues

Gender and Women’s Studies’ Model World Conference connects UIC students with youth in a model of engaged scholarship.

Student researcher Kristen Little

Lending the Anthropological Perspective

It takes more than a prescription to manage sickle cell disease. It takes compassion, commitment and an understanding of social factors that impact patients’ quality of life.

SCD research group

Getting to Know the Student Researchers

The opportunity to work with a dedicated research group can be a game-changer for undergraduate students. Four young anthropology researchers share their stories.

Karen Cockrill and dog

Persisting to the Finish Line and Giving Back

BOV member Karen Cockrill shares the story of her personal journey from college dropout to entrepreneur, philanthropist and alumnus.

Students working at computer

Improving Writing Skills with Peer Tutoring

The Writing Center is a great place for students to work collaboratively on the important academic and life skills of communication, both written and interpersonal.

Steven G. Rivkin

Rebuilding Economics

New econ head Steve Rivkin talks about the social significance of applied economics, his work in the economics of education and plans to grow the department.

Marya Schechtman

Pondering Personal Identity

Marya Schechtman talks about what personhood means and why philosophy has an important role to play as medicine and technology change how—and how long—we live.

Jennifer Wiley and Andrew Jarosz

Enhancing Creative Thinking 

Psychology’s Jennifer Wiley and Andrew Jarosz are researching how different attentional states affect cognition and creativity. How does alcohol affect the brain?

Wenji Guo

Preparing for a Life in Science

Goldwater Scholar Wenji Guo writes about the excitement of science, the importance of student activism, and the significance of a liberal arts education.

Maria Krysan

Voices of the College

Suburban corruption, consumers’ environmental behaviors, academic awards and honorary degrees are all in a day’s work for LAS faculty.

Barbara Ransby

LAS Library

Barbara Ransby’s new biography of Eslanda Robeson and Mark Canuel’s exploration of aesthetics and justice are hot off the presses.

Advisor talks with students.

Celebrating LAS

Enjoy a slide show of the Dean’s Welcome Reception for new freshmen. Plus, check out the upcoming public events for the fall semester—and beyond.

UIC-LAS logo device

The Virtual Mentoring Community

LAS alumni are gathering in the ether to create a LinkedIn group that will help new LAS alumni and LAS students kick start their careers.