photos of people featured in articles
Peter Doran

Researching at the Edge of Existence

When not teaching aspiring scientists, Peter Doran is researching life in one of the coldest places on earth–Antarctica. This spring he shared his findings with the GLC.

Roger Reeves

Following His Path to Poetry

Roger Reeves is an award-winning poet and dedicated humanities professor who started out in aerospace engineering. How he got from A to P is a real story.

Cover of textbook on The American Constitution

Enjoying a Life in the Law

What attorney and Circle alumnus Robert Berger wants you to know about liberal education, everyday legal matters and the culture of philanthropy.

Chart of African language

Understanding Xhosa Identity

Arndt, a doctoral candidate in history, researched how the construction of a language and religious conversion converged to shape the identity of a people. Plus slide show!

Women at archeological dig

Excavating for Understanding

Smith, a doctoral candidate in anthropology, spent her Fulbright year learning about the effects of colonialism on  the mid-16th-century Philippines. Plus slide show!

Kim Potowski and Gabrielle VanSpeybroeck

Balancing Study and Service

Alumna Gabrielle VanSpeybroeck produced UIC’s first TEDx Talk for the fun of it, while finishing her senior year and getting ready to enter medical school.

Woman studying artifact in a field

Fulbright Student Scholars to Blanket Globe

Fulbright awardees go to England, Poland, Hungary and Brazil to study civilizations ancient and modern, conduct breast cancer research and teach English.

Woman and cougar

Graduate Researchers Get Support from NSF

Six LAS graduate students and alumni conduct National Science Foundation-funded research on topics ranging from material culture in Kathmandu to foraging behavior in captive animals.

Projection of cells

LAS Student Researchers are Standouts

A trio of LAS students present their research work to BOV members and LAS students once again sweep the Student Research Forum awards. Plus slideshow!

Ancient Chinese coin

Voices of the College

From ancient coins and ancient curses to mobile history museums. Plus awards and recognitions.

Detail of book cover

LAS Library

Three new faculty publications illuminate issues in history and linguistics and contribute to the art of poetry.

Ann Christophersen and Judith Kegan Gardiner

Amazing Alumni

Accomplished alumni returned to campus this spring to share their stories and expertise with students and faculty. Some of them even won coveted departmental awards.

Graduate's mortarboard reads: Mom and Dad this is for you

Celebrating LAS

Distinguished professors and guest speakers plus annual commencement coverage slide show.